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KPSC Group C

Bharatada Samvidhana by Ashok Mirji
2-3 Days
Model: ABH10064
Compiled by Mr. Ashok Mirji, Detailed and precise account of Indian polity useful for all the competitive examination...
Ex Tax:Rs.349
Computer Saksharate by Shivagami K R
2-3 Days
Brand: Chaitra Prakashana Model: CH9249
Comprehensive book on computer in Kannada useful for all competitive examniations...
Ex Tax:Rs.200
Model: ABH10004
Central and State Government Plannings and Programmes useful for IAS, KAS, PDO, PSI etc...
Rs.340 Rs.380
Ex Tax:Rs.340
Samagra Bhoogola by A H Mahendra
2-3 Days
Model: ABH10006
Very simple and useful book on Geography by A H Mahendra helpful for KPSC Group C, SDA, FDA, PDO and PSI examination..
Ex Tax:Rs.150
Samanya Kannada by Shankar Goudi
2-3 Days
Model: ABH10003
The book is written in a simple and lucid manner unlike conventional Kannada Grammar books including previous year question papers with solutions...
Ex Tax:Rs.100
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